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Achieve Quality Gains without Spending a Fortune

Tackling the price of quality goes beyond reducing the number of defects. It involves evaluating the entire quality management system. Discover how to break down the Cost of Quality and  retrieve the following key insights: 

  • The Relationship between Prevention and Failure Costs
  • Six-Sigma Projects Reduce the Number of Defects
  • The Effect of Improving the QMS Processes
  • Verifying Personnel Training, Certifications and Equipment Calibration
  • Reducing the Cost of Quality Appraisal and Quality Failures
  • Source and Receiving Inspection
  • Process Audits (Internal and Suppliers)
  • Workflow Driven Routing of Tasks
  • Rework, Re-inspection and Re-testing
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)

 Who should download:  

This eBook is designed for Continuous Improvement Managers (Six Sigma Black Belts,  Lean Mfg Practitioners), Quality Managers, Operations Managers, CFOs, CIOs and individuals who are ready to move beyond short-term strategies for Quality Improvement.