Not since Henry Ford introduced mass production has there been an industrial revolution of this scale. Now, manufacturing companies are leveraging digital technology to move from mass production to mass customization at a rapid pace. Fueling this Fourth Industrial Revolution is a convergence of technology driven initiatives including Industrial IoT, Model-Based Enterprise, Digital Thread, and Digital Twin. And, at the center helping all these technologies and initiatives connect is the iBASEt Digital Manufacturing suite. iBASEt is uniquely positioned to deliver the software and digital connections required to realize the vision of the future connected enterprise.

iBASEt is a leader in bringing innovation to manufacturing and sustainment operations:

  • Leading the development of best-in-class digital manufacturing practices that deliver high value out-of-the-box. Exactly what’s needed to improve operations with Digital Manufacturing systems.
  • Leading collaboration of a network of technology partners who together provide an integrated Digital Thread connecting key enterprise business and engineering systems with production and sustainment shops.

"iBASEt is a leader in bringing innovation to manufacturing and sustainment operations."

Innovation Vision

Being a leader in manufacturing innovation means iBASEt is always tuned to what is driving innovation in the complex manufacturing industry. With our customers, we share a compelling vision of Digital Manufacturing. We’re working to deliver digital transformation at every link in our customers’ manufacturing value chain. From research and development, supply chain, factory operations through to product sustainment services.

Developing this vision of innovation alongside leading complex manufacturing companies gives us a unique perspective. Our view is focused on providing the digital manufacturing innovation needed to create value for our customers, unlock new sources of revenue, implement new levels of visibility, control, and velocity to meet the highest demands of the manufacturing industry. All are goals that share a need for better data flows and holistic views across the enterprise — the innovation that a digital thread provides to a real-time connected factory of the future.

Real Innovation goes beyond talk. It needs to be executed.

At iBASEt we’re applying innovative approaches in all areas of the business:

  • Product Functionality
  • Product Technology
  • Services Methods
  • Services Technology

Product Functionality

iBASEt is at the forefront of integrating the value chain including Enterprise Quality Management, production with MES, and product sustainment with Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). iBASEt continues to add functions and applications that manufacturers have identified as critical to their business and missing in PLM and ERP vendor roadmaps.

For example:

  • Perishable Material Out-Time Tracking which is critical to the use of composite materials
  • Offline Task Execution which is needed for environments where constant connectivity or network security are issues
  • Historical As-Built and As-Maintained Records which are needed today for auditing purposes and tomorrow to support sustainment needs

Because iBASEt is solely focused on digital manufacturing and sustainment success we deliver innovation faster than other vendors. And, our specialized complex discrete industries experience adds value quicker and more cost-effectively than even in-house custom development.

Product Technology

Software technology moves at an incredible pace and iBASEt does not rest on its quest to lead in Digital Manufacturing innovation. iBASEt maintains the drive of a start-up company while leveraging the manufacturing experience and expertise gained from two decades of leading manufacturing software innovation. Solving complex manufacturing challenges is what we do.

  • AI for Analytics and Bots
  • Increased Integration APIs to Expand Digital Thread
  • Industrial IoT Initiatives
  • PaaS and Edge Computing Capabilities
  • IoT Platform and Digital Twin Initiatives
  • Continued Expansion of Integration to Leading Tech Vendors and Industry Standards

Professional Services and Support Technology

Today’s industrial revolution isn’t just about adopting new technology, it’s also about empowering teams and developing the future workforce. iBASEt supports these efforts with innovative training curriculums and streamlined access to learning tools like the iBASEt Knowledge Center where users can access on-demand resources and education to improve their skills and get value from their investments quickly.

iBASEt’s Customer Care organization takes an innovative approach in offering on-demand knowledge so end users can get the most out of the product technology they have. Innovation in customer care includes improvements to issue resolution processes and dashboards to help our teams deliver what’s required for digital transformation.

Professional Services Methods

The most innovative asset of iBASEt is its people. All are experts in complex manufacturing and all are professionals in delivering digital manufacturing solutions most efficiently. iBASEt Professional Services shares their industry expertise and leads from experience in assuring software implementation success.

A successful digital transformation strategy starts with a good plan. iBASEt brings its innovation to bear when implementing that strategy. Gain from iBASEt’s innovative services approach including Business Value Assessments and project management tools that help apply innovation to your project and its many stakeholders while delivering value on-time and on-budget.

In the race to innovate, iBASEt is the partner to have for your Digital Manufacturing journey—a partner with proven implementation templates and accelerators that get projects done quicker. But don’t take our word for it….listen to our customers testimonials of accelerated and proven implementation techniques.

Innovation Timeline