Incorporating Engineering

Learn how engineering stayed involved every step of the way to incorporate changes for in-process units.

Data Integrity

Get an insider's view of iBASEt's impact on crucial as-planned, as-built and as-maintained data for Virgin Orbit.

Internet Connected Machinery

Get details on how iBASEt leveraged internet-connected machinery for real-time visibility, synchronized operations, and reporting.

A Sound Technology Investment

Virgin Orbit shares the impact of their new MES, deployed on-time and within budget for significant and rapid ROI.

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Andrzej Goryca

Sr. Enterprise Systems Manager, Virgin Orbit

Since obtaining his master degree in Robotics Engineering and his MBA Andrzej has been developing, designing, implementing, selling and acquiring MES systems. Along the way, Andrzej has gained expertise in other business areas, including Supply Chain, Finance and Engineering systems for manufacturing enterprises. Andrzej has implemented and integrated both home-grown and 3rd party solutions in various industries, with last seven years focused on Space industry, first at SpaceX and currently at Virgin Orbit