The Challenge

Lockheed Martin's plant in Clearwater, Florida has over 400 employees and 500 different suppliers. The location produces a low-volume high-mix of ruggedized, high-reliability electronic data and signal processing equipment. Keeping track of Quality can be a challenge in such a complicated environment. Pushing forward to make improvements over the last decade has been a clear focus for Lockheed Clearwater.



The Approach

Along with implementation and continued reliance on iBASEt's Solumina Operations and Quality Process Management solution, Lockheed approaches Quality Management with a culture of continual improvement. Each member of the large Clearwater team is invested in the plant's collective goals. In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, gathering and analyzing metrics is not a luxury, but a necessity. The management team knows that it must remain competitive, not only against U.S. companies, but also against foreign competitors.

Quality is not just a buzzword at Lockheed Martin. From its employee-friendly policies to quality control technologies, the company's MS2 Clearwater, FL plant is constantly moving forward.

The Results


10 years using Solumina has resulted in a 97% reduction in defects.


Adopting Solumina has led to 99% on-time delivery across 460 programs.


Solumina software has helped Lockheed achieve a 46.9% reduction in scrap.


Get the Full Case Study

Implementing a focused Quality solution with Solumina has allowed Lockheed Martin's MS2 Clearwater plant to excel with audits, win awards and impress customers with excellent Quality metrics across the board. Request the full case study to get all the details on how Lockheed Martin has transformed Quality in Clearwater, FL.

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