Choose the Right MES Software

Selecting a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is an important endeavor that requires consideration of multiple factors, especially as manufacturing continues to digitize. Get instant access to your comprehensive toolkit today, and learn more about MES in the context of complex manufacturing. Use our free resources to select a software that can help you move into the digital future.

MES Software Selection Guide Includes

  • MES Readiness Checklist
  • Whitepaper: What is MES for Complex Manufacturing? 
  • Whitepaper: Don't Be Fooled by the Wrong MES
  • Whitepaper: The Inevitability of Smart Manufacturing
  • Case Study: How BAE Systems Implemented a People-First MES
  • Case Study: How General Dynamics AIS Achieved a Paperless Shop Floor

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Benefits of Implementing MES Software



Increase the efficiency of data capture and analysis, related to product manufacturing and predictive analytics.


Improve the velocity of new product introductions and rapidly communicate engineering changes.


Improve quality by limiting manual translations of engineering specs along the product value chain.

“"We selected iBASEt because of their experience in managing the complex processes involved in manufacturing highly engineered products. We carefully evaluated our options and determined that Solumina's total cost of ownership, out of the box capabilities and rapid deployment can accelerate our return on investment."”