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The team at Patria / Belgium Engine Company (PBEC) sought to upgrade both their ERP and MRO operations to remove manual, paper-based processes. Little did they know that this journey would be like climbing a glacier.

In 2016, Pratt & Whitney sold their full depot MRO capabilities to BEC. This event triggered a project to perform an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and MRO upgrade, as part of a digital migration strategy. Then, in 2017 BEC was acquired by Patria.

Two mergers & acquisitions later, this project was completed in 18 months, ending with a successful go-live over a single weekend.

Join us on this webcast to hear Sophie Nissenbaum, Improvement Project Manager at PBEC, tell her company’s amazing story of how manual, paper-based processes are being replaced by a digital workflow across Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations. What resulted were simplified processes, improved operational agility, reduced errors, and accelerated Turn-Around-Time (TAT).


Watch this Webinar and Learn About: 

  • Background on the challenges faced by the PBEC team
  • Overview of the vendor selection process
  • Implementation strategy
  • Digital MRO process flow
  • Go-live success and resulting benefits

Who Should Watch: 

  • CIOs and CEOs assessing the business impact of digital MRO
  • MRO operations management, engineers, and technicians
  • Other IT business stakeholders involved in ERP migrations, infrastructure, or operations

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Sophie Nissenbaum

Improvement Project Manager at PBEC

Over the past 18 years, Sophie Nissenbaum gained considerable operations and quality management experience at Belgium Engine Center. Before being involved in this MRO and ERP migration project, she held roles as a Production Management Analyst, Master Scheduler, and Project Lead for Production.