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Previously, we shared how monolithic applications are being replaced by more resilient, agile solutions. Jan Snoeij, President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute, explained how a new MES selection process was needed, starting with the RFP or Request for Proposal (watch the webcast). Jan next explained why a greater focus on IT/OT conversion was needed to achieve Industry 4.0 objectives, which can be accomplished as part of an MES purchase (watch the webcast).

Jan continues this educational series with a focus on why not all MES solutions are created equal. Different MES applications have specialized capabilities that are critical to understand and evaluate. One size does not fit all. The right MES for your organization depends upon your production and quality process as well as customer expectations in today’s digital world.


Watch the Webcast 

Picking the Right MES explains why not all MES solutions are the same. Manufacturers operating in today’s digital ecosystems need to understand these differences as part of the vendor shortlist selection process. Recovering from a flawed process could defer your digital transformation journey for years, putting you at a big disadvantage compared to your peers.

Topics of Discussion Will Include: 

  • Why not all MES applications should be viewed as the same
  • How a manufacturer's needs have evolved in 2020 
  • What you must know to achieve greater performance improvement from your MES investment
  • The difference between MES solutions extends beyond core functionalities

Who Should Attend: 

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Vice Presidents and Directors of Manufacturing Operations or Quality
  • Business stakeholders (Engineering, Supply Chain, Production, Quality leads)
  • Plant Managers
  • IT operations stakeholders (Infrastructure, Operations, Security leads)

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Jan Snoeij

President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute

Jan brings over 35 years of experience in advising and supporting the improvement of operational processes at industrial enterprises. Business processes, people, and application of IT are equally critical to achieve these improvements. As a thought leader, Jan contributes to positioning MOMi as an education and consultancy organization by instructing educational sessions and workshops, by presenting at conferences and seminars, and by contributing articles to publications. Jan is actively involved in MESA International as a member of the International Board and various working groups. In addition, he is an approved instructor of the MESA Global Education Program.