Duration:  1 Hours 

Duration:  30 Minutes





If you are preparing an RFP for a new MES, don’t fall into the trap of old habits!


Legacy MES applications have become monolithic dinosaurs. Next generation solutions offer robust capabilities, enabled by new technologies. If you want to take advantage of these new advances, then you first need to re-examine your RFP process.


Join us on this webinar to learn from industry expert Jan Snoeij, President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute. See what he recommends as a way to best plan this evaluation process to ask the right questions to then identify the best, modern MES that is more closely aligned to meet your current and future needs.


Presentation Topics Include: 

  • What is your end vision you hope to achieve?
  • Understand the role, budget, and scope of your new MES
  • Determine how your MES will be part of your company's overall tech stack
  • How well you can expect to control your own destiny?
  • What is your strategy to manage support and future updates?

Who Should Attend: 

  • Vice Presidents and Directors of Manufacturing Operations or Quality
  • Business stakeholders (Engineering, Supply Chain, Production, Quality leads)
  • Plant Managers
  • IT stakeholders (CIOs, Infrastructure, Operations, Security leads)
  • Procurement stakeholders, including those responsible for planning and managing the RFP process

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Jan Snoeij

President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute

Jan brings over 35 years of experience in advising and supporting the improvement of operational processes at industrial enterprises. Business processes, people, and application of IT are equally critical to achieve these improvements. As a thought leader, Jan contributes to positioning MOMi as an education and consultancy organization by instructing educational sessions and workshops, by presenting at conferences and seminars, and by contributing articles to publications. Jan is actively involved in MESA International as a member of the International Board and various working groups. In addition, he is an approved instructor of the MESA Global Education Program.