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When selecting any new software application, it is critical to remember why the project was originally conceived – to help end users overcome an issue or improve performance. While this concept is obvious, it is often forgotten months into a vendor selection process, a scope of work discussion, or a lengthy purchase negotiation.

Hear Jan Snoeij, President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute, on our fourth educational webinar presentation sponsored by iBASEt. In this presentation he will provide insights into just how critical it is to keep a strong focus on user acceptance when defining a Manufacturing Execution (MES), Quality, or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) System.

Jan provides practical steps that can be taken to avoid one of the top reasons why MES implementations fail: a lack of necessary end user adoption.


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The Importance of End User Acceptance presents a compelling case of why end user involvement is critical – both early and during the later stages of an IT implementation. It could be the top requirement for a successful deployment! Incorporate these best practices to gain all the potential benefits of your digital transformation.

Topics of Discussion Will Include: 

  • Identify the best user profiles to be part of your MES, QMS or MRO project scope
  • Keep a focus on these users during the implementation
  • Understand the close relationship between project ROI and end user adoption
  • Set reasonable expectations between IT planning,  implementation, and end user requirements
  • What you must know to optimize performance improvement from your MES investment

Who Should Attend: 

  • Chief Information Officers, Vice Presidents of IT, Directors of IT
  • IT operations stakeholders (Infrastructure, Operations, Security leads)
  • Vice Presidents and Directors of Manufacturing Operations, Quality, or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
  • Business stakeholders (Engineering, Production, Supply Chain, Quality, MRO leads)
  • Plant Managers

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Jan Snoeij

President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute

Jan brings over 35 years of experience in advising and supporting the improvement of operational processes at industrial enterprises. Business processes, people, and application of IT are equally critical to achieve these improvements. As a thought leader, Jan contributes to positioning MOMi as an education and consultancy organization by instructing educational sessions and workshops, by presenting at conferences and seminars, and by contributing articles to publications. Jan is actively involved in MESA International as a member of the International Board and various working groups. In addition, he is an approved instructor of the MESA Global Education Program.