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The wide gap between engineering and the shop floor systems is ever-present, resulting in scattered teams that are unable to efficiently manage data silos and incorporate last-minute design changes.

To close that gap, iBASEt has created a customizable Integration Adaptor that uses automation to create a digital network of communication between engineering (PLM) and production (MES) systems, moving manufacturers one step closer towards completion of their digital transformation journey.

This new PLM connector for TeamCenter takes a holistic approach, viewing the production cycle in its entirety, instead of using disconnected siloed systems.

Furnished with an extensive library of APIs, the iBASEt PLM connector provides advanced technologies organizations need to effectively handle data from conception, facilitate seamless integration, and streamline real-time communication.

Join the Webinar and Learn: 

  • Why it is important to have an integrated PLM-MES system, what role that connector plays in digital manufacturing, and why it’s essential to success
  • How to effectively transfer data between PLM and MES systems and efficiently address last minute design changes
  • How to maintain data integrity and reduce the chance of error

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Vineet Unadkat

Product Manager at iBASEt

Farnaz Jadbabaie

Product Marketing Manager at iBASEt