Duration 30 Minutes 



With over 80% of purchased products going into assemblies, it is important to understand the impact of the information of these purchased products into the digital supply chain. Where does the information go? How is it used? How it is managed? There is a minefield of information to leverage to increase our efficiency, reduce rework and provide complete as-built information.

Join the Webinar and Learn: 

  • Strategies on how to leverage the purchased product information into the manufacturing flow
  • Controls that Solumina provides to our customers for purchased product quality
  • How to approach the redesign of the purchased product data management

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Becky Kelderman

Director, Solution Consultant at iBASEt

A Solumina Application Specialist. Her experience includes shop floor supervision, manufacturing enterprise systems management, engineering training management, and quality management in more than fifteen manufacturing processes, including micro-electronics assembly, welding and sheet metal manufacturing, chemical and plastics, and major mechanical assembly.