Duration: 2 Hours



We want you, our customers, to learn and leverage our Solumina functionality to optimize your manufacturing and support processes and make the most of your investment. In this Webinar, you’ll learn about First Article Inspection and Production Process Verification functionality of Solumina and how to apply them to your quality initiatives, digital transformation goals, and overall approach of “doing things better.” FAI/PPV is a tricky beast and so often we don’t adhere to the rules. Solumina drives that adherence so you don’t have to “think twice” about compliance.

Join the Webinar and Learn: 

  • How the PPV/FAI function works in Solumina
  • How we (iBASEt) and the International Standards Group (IAG) intend for our customer to use it
  • Common use cases
  • Understanding of the value the FAI/PPV function brings to their business

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Becky Kelderman

Director, Solution Consultant at iBASEt

A Solumina Application Specialist. Her experience includes shop floor supervision, manufacturing enterprise systems management, engineering training management, and quality management in more than fifteen manufacturing processes, including micro-electronics assembly, welding and sheet metal manufacturing, chemical and plastics, and major mechanical assembly.