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Today the global Aerospace & Defence (A&D) sector is a $755bn industry. While for many the perception is the sector is at the forefront of technological innovation, if you roll back the covers the reality is somewhat different. In fact, according to the latest iBASEt research, 97% of A&D manufacturers in the UK and the US believe the industry has suffered from an underinvestment in digitisation, at a time when supply chain efficiency and employee productivity is ‘a must’.

The A&D sector still has a long way to go when it comes to digitising its manufacturing and supply chain operations. Considering the complexity and risks involved, it is alarming that the majority of A&D manufacturers still use paper-based processes (88%) and spreadsheets (57%).

The fact that major aviation and space projects are potentially being run via spreadsheets, or pen and paper, creates a huge cause for concern. At best, this approach can cause inefficiencies and lead to mistakes, at worst, it could lead to project failure and A&D leaders losing their jobs.

When you consider that almost half (47%) of A&D manufacturers say a lack of investment in new technologies and processes has resulted in them losing business, alarm bells should be ringing across the industry.

Download our report and learn: 

  • Legacy technology is the biggest blocker of productivity
  • Underinvestment in technology is impacting skills shortages and competitive advantage
  • There is a strong desire among A&D manufacturers to move to the cloud

Discover why now is the time for A&D manufacturers to take action and leverage the digital productivity advantage.

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